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Sony Car Music System

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Car Music System is undoubtedly one of the most important accessories of any Car. Unlike home entertainment systems, the car music systems have to be strong enough to absorb the shocks and vibrations in various road conditions and yet produce non-distorted sound when the automobile is in motion. Whoof! Don’t get bored because that is not all. They have to withstand humid conditions, dusty roads etc. When selecting a music system for your car, you have a vast price range from $100 - $2000. This is why choosing a car music system can be difficult. Don’t worry we have made the survey and made a list of top 10 car music systems for you. Take a look.

Latest sony home theatre

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Sony have announced their new Bravia DAV-F200 Home Theatre System which, apart from boasting stylish, sleek (and somewhat retro) styling, offers 1080p upscaling, 2.1 virtual surround sound with 450W output, USB play and record for portable memory devices and, naturally, Bravia Sync allowing simple integration with Bravia LCD TV screens.

The Bravia DAV-F200 Home Theatre System, which utilises Sony’s S-Force Front Surround technology paired with S-Master digital amplification resulting in expansive, surround sound effects without having to crowd your room out with speaker units, apart from boasting HDMI output with 1080p upscaling also supports direct playback of digital media from flash drives, Sony’s Walkman MP3 players and Sony Ericsson mobile phones and, thanks to its 

 compatibility with Sony’s DMPORT modular digital media adapters (available sperately), can also accept streaming media from iPods, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled laptops, notebooks and PCs. Additionally, the DAV-F200 can also record content to these devices.
Sony Bravia DAV-F200 Home Theatre System Features:
  • 2.1 system with compact, stylish control unit and speakers
  • HDMI connection with 1080p upscaling and BRAVIA Sync system control
  • USB play and record
  • DMPORT connection for portable devices
  • Portable Audio Enhancer
  • 405W 32bit S-Master Digital Amplifier
  • S-Force Front Surround
  • Plays DVD, DVD+/-R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, JPEG, DivX (plus WMA and AAC on USB)
  • Optical/coaxial digital and analogue inputs for external sources
  • Supplied with remote handset

Sony DVD Home Theatre System

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Sony DVD Home Theatre System - DAV-DZ1000
Price: R11680 Incl
Sony DVD Home Theatre System - DAV-DZ270
Price: R2550 Incl
Sony DVD Home Theatre System - DAV-DZ570
Price: R3620 Incl
Sony DVD Home Theatre System - DAV-DZ777
Price: R4630 Incl
Sony DVD Home Theatre System - DAV-DZ850KW
Price: R5510 Incl
Sony DVD Home Theatre System - DAV-DZ870W
Price: R6520 Incl

Sony DVD Home Theatre System - DAV-F500 ***NEW***
Price: R7095 Incl
Sony DVD Home Theatre System - DAV-FXG99K
Price: R7095 Incl
Sony DVD Home Theatre System - DAV-IS10
Price: R5195 Incl
Sony DVD Home Theatre System - DAV-LF1H
Price: R14395 Incl


Sony Home Theater Setup

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Sony would like you to buy their home theater PC. That’s an obvious statement, so you’d think they’d take the evident road and offer the things you’d like in one. Instead the Vaio TP1 Living Room Computer uses a “bold design” to entice consumers. The PC looks a bit like a cookie tin, except instead of delicious treats you get electronics. Sony claims the round design is ideally suited to fit next to an LCD TV. It certainly looks interesting, but the problem is it lacks key features for a Home Theater PC.

Sony 5.1 home theater

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  • 5.1 channel DVd player
  • Play DIVX, DVD, MP4, VCD, MP3, JPEG
  • Bass, treble & volume control
  • 40 w RMS subwoofer speaker output
  • 5x low RMS output satellite speakers
  • Rs.3999
  • 6 months seller warranty
  • Play movies, songes, photos from USB
  • 5.1 channel speaker system

Home Theater Tables

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Home Theater Tables ome theater : Root Mean Square (RMS): 60W Wooden cabinet with subwoofer Front panel power switch and full-function volume control Individuation volume adjustment High quality audio in distinctive design High performance.

Home Theatre Component System

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If you live and breathe movies and music, you can do no wrong with Sony’s Home Theatre Component Systems. Our DVD players are equipped with Progressive Scan to ensure smooth quality from your favourite CDs and DVDs. The powerful speakers, partnered with equally powerful subwoofers, make sure you get that extra bass.